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Sixxs.net sucks

I have not left anything out, this is everything.

Since posting this I've received email from people with similar stories involving Sixxs and Jeroen Massar.


All three of my active tunnels have gone down due to sesto01 POP
being broken.

This is not my fault! I've lost uptime on my tunnels now. :-(
Will I lose points now, because the POP is down?

I am *soo* close to being on the toplist for richest users, which is why this 
Jeroen Massar of sixxs.net
Please actually report *WHAT* supposedly is broken.
See "Reporting Problems" on the contact page.
Well, since

1) the #sixxs irc channel has this as subject:
 SixXS :: up: 23, down: 3 (uschi02,sesto01,usbos01)

2) The status at https://noc.sixxs.net/pops/ says the POP is down

3) My status page has this:
Tunnel information T7922        sesto01 - Port80 AB     xx.xx.xx.xx
2001:16d8:ff00:95::2    My First Tunnel PoP is down
Tunnel information T10495       sesto01 - Port80 AB     xx.xx.xx.xx
2001:16d8:ff00:141::2   My First Tunnel PoP is down
Tunnel information T7911        sesto01 - Port80 AB     xx.xx.xx.xx
2001:16d8:ff00:94::2    My First Tunnel PoP is down
Tunnel information T8046        sesto01 - Port80 AB     xx.xx.xx.xx
2001:16d8:ff00:a9::2    My First Tunnel PoP is down
[ed: the last tunnel is user disabled by me
since before this. This is why I refer to three locations elsewhere, and
not four]

... it really looks like the problem has been reported already. I'd attach a 
traceroute from your traceroute-thingy on your website, but it seems that 
since the POP is down I can no longer choose it from the dropdown box.
Jeroen Massar of sixxs.net

And again.....  [ed: again? no, you are not
repeating yourself] That your tunnel was reported down is
unrelated to this.

Just in case, again, when the PoP is marked down, the tunnel robot
doesn't check for pings and as such you would not get a message.
The POP had been broken even before it was marked as down. I could
contact everything within the POP and its tunnels, but could not go
outside it.

I got onto the irc channel and this was also the case for other people using 
the sesto1 POP.

That and the fact that I haven't touched my ipv6 configs in months makes it 
highly unlikely that all three tunnels magically die at the same time.
Jeroen Massar of sixxs.net
Again [ed: again, you are not repeating yourself]
, that is because there was a transit issue. This has been
resolved. Try to read and understand what we write.
I am trying. So what you're saying is that there are have been three 
independent faults:
1) Transit problems at sesto01 before that POP was officially down (on the 
website). This would not affect my tunnel stats. This fault has been 
resolved. This is what I first noticed and got confirmed with other users of 
2) sesto01 POP is down for a reason other than above. Since it's currently 
down (according to the website) and you say the above transit issue has been 
3) Magically (sorry, it's hard not to be sarcastic on this point) some 
completely independent fault has occured on my end, for three different 
tunnels, on three different OSs, in three different locations, with three 
different ISPs, at the same time, giving me the same symptoms as if the 
problem was actually the same as (1). And all this without me touching the 
ipv6 or firewall configs.

(since approx when the sesto01 POP went to status down the symptom has 
become "can't even ping other side of tunnel network", but this is to be 
expected, I guess)

Note that these tunnels had been up for 94, 93 and 52 weeks in a row, and now 
went down at the same time.

Am I understanding you correctly?
Me (not emailed)

[ed: I did not get an answer, nor email any followup. But since the
primary POP had been down for weeks with no help in sight, I applied
for a new tunnel to one of the other POPs that were "willing" and
available for where I am]

Jeroen Massar of sixxs.net

[ed: account deleted, and the ipv6
access I did have was removed]