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English quotes from IRC

Funny english quotes from IRC, enjoy.

"  <dawe02> !rektorn
        <-- rektorn has quit (EOF From client)
        --> rektorn ([email protected]) has joined #kth
  <jestern> heh
 <marvin__> !rektorn
  <Zivster> !rektorn
        <-- Zivster has kicked rektorn from #kth (!rektorn)"
-- bot not being consistent on #kth

"--> mandrake8 ([email protected]) has joined #linux
 <mandrake8> anyone of you are italian?
  <ichiiban> none
   <marvin_> none at all, never
  <ichiiban> we discriminate italians worse than #unix does
 <mandrake8> WHAT?
   <konrads> ?? ciao a
    <stroop> [1118] ciao: Hi. I'm Italian and I don't give a fuck that
             everyone here speaks english, so I'm gonna spam you with
             italian crap.
 <mandrake8> WHY?
  <LethalWP> BECAUSE"
-- #linux

"<ichiban_> chown root.wheel .
 <ichiban_> and now in the other window :)"
-- #linux

"<BluesMurf> pants!
 <BluesMurf> i'll have dinner first
    <marvin> first dinner then pants?
 <BluesMurf> chicken wings, french fries & hot ketchup & green peas
 <BluesMurf> should do nicely
    <marvin> as pants?
 <BluesMurf> yup
 <BluesMurf> if you insist
    <marvin> I'd like to see that
 <BluesMurf> in your dreams, pal
    <marvin> yes"
-- #linux

"   <stany> LethalWP: by the way 'su -' doesn't work
    <stany> LethalWP: [stany@stany stany]$ su-
    <stany> bash: su-: command not found
  <ichiban> stany: try su <SPACE YOU MORON> -
 <LethalWP> su + su = 2 * su
 <Mr-Smoke> suČ ?
 <Mr-Smoke> oh no that's su x su
 <Mr-Smoke> who is Sue
     <mrph> Sue not here!
     <mrph> you have wrong number!"
-- #linux

"   <robat> '8 out of 10 hackers prefer #linux.de'
 <marvin__> Ich bin ein Hacker unt Ich seht gut aus.... da-dam, da-da-da-da,
            da-dam   (das Model, kraftwerk)
    <leica> 30 Helens agree; hackers like linux.de
   <c0ffee> would that hacker/linux.de/.de talk stop know or would you prefer
            a .tld ban?
          * fanne ducks"
-- #linux

"       --- cob is now known as apt-get
 <marvin__> apt-get update
          * apt-get hits marvin__ 
 <marvin__> apt-get upgrade
          * apt-get downloads marvin__ 
 <marvin__> yay! I'm being upgraded!
        --- apt-get is now known as cob
      <cob> people will soon abuse me like that"
-- #linux

"  <PortUs> hehe in poland dnses doesnt work yeat :) they have sux isp :)
   <PortUs> and network
 <harpaasi> and users
    <mrph_> serves them right"
-- #linux

"<speedy> For only 87 cents a day, you can prevent a European child
	  from being raped by Emmanuel..."
-- #nyc2600

"<cwiara> AvsenikWi: Please stop bothering me on priv, I don't
          understand English."
-- #linux

"<N1GHTMARE> hello
 <N1GHTMARE> I'm a problem
 <N1GHTMARE> I'm Italian"
-- #linux

"<warlock3> i'm just a student, i don't need much: Java, mplayer ....
            that's all
 <marvin__> warlock3: I'm just a student. I'm still after world domination
   <kurmie> and incidently marvin__ is doing a better job at world domination
            than you are, warlock3!"
-- #linux

"<spunk> wella! 'evening guys, i need an help with pppoe and openbsd
   <lca> spunk: what kind of help?
   <lca> spunk: pppoe works fine on openbsd. thanks for asking. NEXXT!!"
-- #openbsd

"  <sLiKiCa> I m new here
  <wossname> sLiKiCa: We'd have never guessed.
  <wossname> What with the PRO nick and everything
   <sLiKiCa> I d like to know here can I get linux
 <BluesMurf> sLiKiCa forget it, you're too stupid"
-- #linux

" <SlayerXP> nother sniper shooting
  <SlayerXP> i'm in two minds about this
  <SlayerXP> on one hand, innocent people are being slaughtered
  <SlayerXP> on the other, they are americans
     <pollo> innocent americans?
 <BluesMurf> it's so simple
 <BluesMurf> give everybody a sniper rifle to protect himself
 <BluesMurf> problem solved"
-- #linux

" --> linux2k2 ([email protected]) has joined #linux
 <SlayerXP> *** CTCP VERSION reply from linux2k2: mIRC v6.01 Khaled Mardam-Bey
 <linux2k2> hi I have a problem
   <Koston> linux2k2, you do. now leave.
 <SlayerXP> linux2k2: you're italian and using windows.  that's two."
-- #linux

"<linux2k2> can anywhere say me about the mbr?
 <linux2k2> master boot record
 <SlayerXP> linux: try coherant english
 <linux2k2> I must delete my mbr
 <SlayerXP> must you?
 <SlayerXP> okay, you have our permission to do so."
-- #linux

"     <qrto> swedish is rather alien for me
 <BluesMurf> just skip the 'bork!' bits, and pretend it's german"
-- #linux
"<marvin__> loVolt: iscsi (IIRC) is actually like scsi over IP.
    <Psy-Q> but that's only for posh networks, that
    <Psy-Q> nothing for the working class like we are
 <marvin__> Psy-Q: iscsi over slip :P
    <Psy-Q> marvin__: yeah! that's right! beat those capitalist pigs!
    <Psy-Q> we can mount drives in less than a week!
          * marvin__ beats them pigs
          * Psy-Q hires several angry English mine workers to look
	    threatening in the background"
-- #linux

"<SlayerXP> mke2fs -m 0 -R stride=8 /dev/md0
 <SlayerXP> oops
 <SlayerXP> this channel isn't my software riad set"
-- #linux

"    <NiKi1> isn't george micheal british ?
 <BluesMurf> no, he's gay"
-- #linux

-:- Topic (#somewhere): changed by someone:
"8 hours and 53 minutes without a remote hole in the default install!"

"SPIERDALAJ is polish for 'please go somewhere else now'"
-- Zeb @ #linux

 Naked Asians we assume. If you don't like it, then the author
 invites you to go shoot yourself."
 -- Free speech

"   <clod> is vi better than C ?
   <mic42> clod, green.
     <dwd> clod: Only if Emacs is better than Perl.
 <morphy-> what difference does a crocodile have?
           it's greener than it swims."

"    <BULLE> marvin__: i had a horrible conversation with
             an american yesterday, that lives in my corridor
 <Ancipital> the conversation lives in your corridor?
 <Ancipital> it must be scary to see an abstract event
             achieve sentience
 <LevelZero> Anci: not as scary as seeing contents of a
             fridge achieve sentience though"

"LOTR spoilers are served on random time intervals"
-- topic on #math when LoTR was new

"  <Sypher> i've got a windows PC and a Linux PC. The linux PC shell
            become a fileserver. but the linux PC always says
	    'connection refused' and I don't know why.
 <SlayerXP> no
 <SlayerXP> i said 'sypher: try asking your question clearly and concisely'
   <Sypher> i know
 <SlayerXP> do we have to guess which protocol/programs you're using?
   <Sypher> TCP/IP
 <SlayerXP> oh fuck off.
   <Sypher> with a cross- cable
 <SlayerXP> next!
   <Sypher> why?"
-- #linux

"<dreeft> how do you view diskspace under linux?
 <c0ffee> cat /dev/hda | less
 <dreeft> k
 <dreeft> thx."

"An ENGLISH SPEAKING Linux channel, where we speak ENGLISH. As in ENGLISH."
-- #linux topic on ircnet

"<BigShot> can anyone help me configure my cable modem using netcfg?
 <BigShot> thanks
 <BigShot> i appreciate the help
 <BigShot> you guys fucking suck
 <BigShot> i hope you die
 <BigShot> ha ha ha"

".pl must have heard that .it were trying to outlame them."
-- #linux   (.pl and .it speak more foreign than english despite topic)

"     --> MaGaf ([email protected]) has joined #linux
 <dobrek> BluesMurf: yeh I know but I am Polish and it is not tru that Polish
          folks are in general more stupid than the others. 
  <MaGaf> czesc
  <MaGaf> kto ma DOSEMU?"
-- #linux, which at the time had "ENGLISH, speak ENGLISH" or similar

" <marvin_> Xi: take two nibbles, create a byte, store, repeat. Load as dword,
            or whatever
       <Xi> thanks
  <tickerx> take two nippels...
     <Dobo> squeeze gently
 <Monkiboy> byte, and repeat"

"KaTKiller: And just how old are your dogs nuts?"

"<schizzi> the closest thing to porn on this computer, is the 'chicks love
	   openbsd' picture.
   <dork2> www.bsdchicks.com
   <spuug> Nice T-shirt.  
   <dork2> yup
   <dork2> my first reaction too.
 <schizzi> =D
 <schizzi> was not
   <dork2> dang... busted."
-- IRC

"<Dustyn> babe?
 <helper> (babe): Hot chick. Someone you probably want to take 'upstairs.'"
-- #linux

"     <tmbg> is there a table anywhere of what signals different integers
             are? (e.g. SIGKILL is 9, I think SIGHUP is 1, what are the
   <deraadt> Oh come on.
   <deraadt> I can't believe how inexperienced some irc people are.
   <deraadt> god damn.
       <t12> was there ever a time when everyone on IRC was awsome?
 <QuakeMstr> ya
   <deraadt> how the hell did you learn to tie your shoelaces?!?!
   <deraadt> do people ask on irc 'cause their mommies don't know?
       <t12> alt.shoelaces.faq?
 <QuakeMstr> hahaha
 <Temperanc> t12: that would be much to general for usenet
 <Temperanc> t12: they would have a separate group for tying and
       <t12> alt.shoelaces.tie.overhand.doubleloop.method.faq?"
-- #openbsd, Theo De Raadt being his nice self

"<cyberops> anyone here using obsd 2.5?"
-- #openbsd (at the time 2.5 was the latest version)

"* SmooveB aliases reboot to rebewt."

"<rabuba> what do i need to do the a sparc 2 to control it via seairal line?
  <Bleah> Raise your magic sword
  <Bleah> and say 'By the power of greyskull'
  <Bleah> then just plug a cable in"
-- #solaris

"Noone wants to hear your Redhat 6.0 questions today."
-- #linux topic